Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is it and the specifics?

What: HIVHACK When: Friday November 23rd starting at 1pm to Saturday November 24th at 22:30pm

Where: DigitYser (bld d’Anvers 40, 1000 Bruxelles )

Who: Looking for developers, UX designers, data experts, business entrepreneurs and students (18+ years old), people who are interested in combining healthcare and technology to create health-tech apps!

 2. Do I have to be there in person?

Yes, this is an in-person event; we want you there for the entire weekend.

There will be team collaboration and interaction with key opinion leaders and mentors to help you with your app.

You’ll also be able to network with fellow-minded attendees. Plus, we’ll have plenty of yummy food and beverages on hand and more.

3. What is the flow for registration?

On October 15th, we will have the registration website open. You will be able to pre-register as an individual online at: .

You must pre-register before 1pm Thursday, November 22nd so we will know who’s coming and how many teams we are projecting. We also have this linked to so you can communicate with other registrants beforehand to scope out potential teammates for this hackathon.

When you arrive on Friday, November 23rd at 1pm, you’ll be forming teams based on your interest areas. At that time, you will sign up as a team; then you will be considered a team registrant/attendee. We will give you more information at that time.

4. What is happening Friday evening and why do I have to be there?

You will be forming teams on Friday and will be given more instructions at that time. This is only time you can form your team.

5. What happens if I don’t have a team before Friday, November 23rd ?

That’s fine. Just show up Friday. We will help you find a team to join that evening. This is your chance to meet some new people and collaborate for this event.

6. Will there be technical support for questions?

Yes we will have lots of technical support for you. There will be mentors who will be coming around to the various teams to give technical help and guidance. They will be available on Friday and Saturday.

7. Who owns the IP?

The team owns the Intelectual Property that they create.

8. How are the teams organized?

You must have 4 to 6 people on a team; one must be a developer role. The others can be from any of the other attendees’ roles (developers, UX designers, data experts, healthcare providers (HCPs), business entrepreneurs or students, etc.). We believe that it helps to generate new apps with teams that show a variety of backgrounds rather than having teams with all the same roles (e.g. 4 developers on a team).

9. How much does it cost?

This hackathon is free for individuals, but you must to register to participate. Teams who will carry a company flag will have to register as a team.

10. What are the rules?
Everyone who registers must abide by the Hackathon rules. Attendees are to be respectful of others and not abuse, spam, or initiate any personal attacks on others. More information is available upon registration.

11. What’s provided?
We will have technical support people on hand and business coaches. There will also be wi-fi and power outlets. Plus we will be feeding you yummy meals, beverages and snacks during the event.

12. What should I bring?
Please bring your laptop and any other peripherals (smart phones, tablets, etc and associated chargers) that you want to use to work.

13. Where will I sleep ? Do you have hotel rooms available?

We have reserved a quiet room at DigitYser with field beds for you to rest. If you want the comfort of a hotel room you have 2 options: Next door, 2 minutes walk : expect 73€ for Superior Twin Room Around the corner, 10 minutes walk along the canal:

14. Are there vegetarian options during the event?

Yes, we will have vegetarian options.