• Request to look at my notebook February 13, 2020
    @steffhoremans wrote: Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a notebook I made. I would like some feedback before putting it on Github. I can’t find the upload button on this forum either, so help with that would be nice too. Thank you all very much in advance, Steff Posts: […]
    @steffhoremans Steff
  • Questions for the Job fair February 6, 2020
    @steffhoremans wrote: Hi everyone, Here are the questions to ask during the job fair. How ‘Far’are you in DS? Typical day? Work environment? Learning Opportunities? Projects? Team size? Mentorship? Technologies? Main passion about your job? Why did you choose your job? What do you like about your job? What do you think makes your company […]
    @steffhoremans Steff
  • Most frequent questions February 6, 2020
    @fabrice.dezanet wrote: - Why are you leading your previous job / why are you choosing a new career direction ? - Why do you wish to work with our company - Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years - What are you biggest strenghts, weaknesses… describe a difficult situation that you faced […]
    @fabrice.dezanet Fabrice De Zanet
  • Which jobs for which Data scientist? February 3, 2020
    @adelaide wrote: Hi, in attachment is a good article for udacity about jobs in Data Science Udacity – 27 Jan 18 4 Types of Data Science Jobs | Udacity It's a great time to pursue a data science job—Glassdoor has once again named Data Scientist the #1 best job in America. But how do you […]
    @adelaide Adélaïde
  • Data Camp Q&A - Stackoverflow for Bootcampers December 19, 2019
    @varun wrote: Here we will discuss all the data camp queries and try to solve them please post your answer even if its wrong we will not dislike your answer like stackoverflow. Posts: 14 Participants: 3 Read full topic
    @varun Varun
  • Agoria launched a free MOOC on AI in business December 11, 2019
    @fabrice.dezanet wrote: – 7 Oct 19 AI in Business: Learn to set up an AI project for your own company If your business hasn’t started on its artificial intelligence (AI) journey, you will want to take this course. In less than 4 hours, you will understand the basics of AI, learn about the business […]
    @fabrice.dezanet Fabrice De Zanet
  • Request access to tools December 5, 2019
    @rmdes wrote: Dear bootcampers, We have a Jupyter instance at - since today 05/12/2019 you were all invited to create an account (look for an email titled “Welcome to DigitYser”, click on the only link inside the email, that will open a page where you will create your user account password, once you see […]
    @rmdes Ricardo
  • It is still time to Join the DataScience Bootcamp Phase1 December 4, 2019
    @system wrote: ATTENTION : 4th Data Science Bootcamp, it is still possible to join phase 1, register with the link below ! Key Dates: 2 DEC 2019 – Start 4th Data Science Bootcamp 20 FEB 2020 – First Data Science Job Fair 2 MAR 2020 – Start Internship & Hands-On activities 17 JUN 2020 – […]
    @system system
  • The 2020 Data Science Bootcamp | DigitYser December 3, 2019
    @system wrote: The Data Science Bootcamp is articulated in 2 parts with the obligation to succeed in the first part to be enrolled in the second part. THE TECHNICAL CAMP On the agenda: Python in depth Machine learning An introduction to Stats (if required) The training format will be coached MOOCs (massive open online courses). […]
    @system system
  • Important Data Related communities December 2, 2019
    @philippe wrote: Please reply with links to interesting communities Posts: 4 Participants: 1 Read full topic
    @philippe Philippe Van Impe