Hackathon Preparation

Objectives of the hackathon: concept note

Through this exercise we will get an understanding of epidemiological and non-epi factors influencing the emergence of HIV-DR and a model mapping the spots.

This will result in dynamic and up-to-date graphical and visual representations of HIV-DR maps allowing governments, health workers and other stakeholders to be informed on the topic and to turn the understanding of the drivers into actionable items in the prevention and countering of HIV-DR.

As part of our mission we intend to educate on the approach and outcomes locally. We have datasets available but each team is free to use any publicly available dataset to achieve its objective of creating the perfect heath map.

You will have different challenges divided in different tiers to choose from (link to the detailed use cases):

First Tier
Data Integration
Hot Spot
Mapping Sexual Activity

Second Tier
People Movement
ART Guidelines

Third Tier
Getting a view of the HIV DR Research field

Data Required
HIV-DR Prevalence, Incidence Drug Stock-outs Rural/urban Distance to healthcare facility Other…

How could outcomes look like Identifying weights and factors contributing significantly Visualisation of prevalence across time and space

Note: Prior to the event you can research ideas and begin coding. All code and artefacts developed at the event should be stored in the public GitHub repositories we have created for this purpose.