Team 4 WorldWise Wild Hack

Tackling HIVDR with a reward system & local community empowerment

Challenges :

  • Stigma (shame, judgement)
  • Lack of reliable and granular data (month, location, )
  • Lack of local health providers
  • Lack of educated staff

Ludo has HIV and is getting treatment and being followed up by the local health provider but Ricardo, also has HIV but is not being followed up and is not following his treatment as he should.

However Ludo is now part of a pilot volunteer group helping HIV patient who do not take their medication as prescribed to improve their medication habits combating HIVDR more effectively.

Ludo convince Ricardo to meet “Lukas” who is the in charge of the local health office and not only get his first confirmation test but also join a reward system by sharing his data with the local health provider.

Ricardo and Ludo end up going to Lukas to get their test done and once this part is done, they check in to activate the token reward system.

Because Ludo helped Ricardo getting tested, not only Ludo is rewarded but also Ricardo joined the reward system, along with the health provider they all benefit from joining the system and spend their reward into the locally defined market place.

Phase 2 and the incentive based reward system is now producing fine granular data that is available as anonymous open-data shared between local health providers, pharmaceutical companies and governments.

By scaling up this system, the team is now able to get more local health provider to join the system in other cities, regions, countries and by phase 3 of the program, data-scientist from all over the world are able to find new correlations, new hypothesis to advance the fight against HIV drug resistance.