Workshop #2 : Telecom Data & HIV Drug Resistance

PART 1 with Marie-Pierre de Bethune

PART 2 with Jerome Urbain

PART 3 with Luis Akakpo

PART 4 with Luis Akakpo

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In the first part, Dalberg Data Insights will share with us how telecom data can be of use to help in public health issues. Dalberg Data Insights is a Belgian start-up, which is a spin-off from Real Impact Analytics (now Riaktr). DDI uses data technologies to address important development problems. They have applied Data Science and Big Data to help reduce hunger in Northern Uganda using satellite imagery, fight the spread of infectious diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Zika and Ebola in Brazil and West Africa using telecom data.

In the second part, Marie-Pierre de Béthune will give us an overview of what HIV is, beyond the biology. Marie-Pierre de Béthune has dedicated her carrier to fighting HIV. She has worked on the development of therapeutics drugs and has extensive experience on HIV’s virology as well as it’s socio-economic impact.

Finally, the session is closed by a presentation of the projects started by the HIV Hack initiative : HIV Hack Meta Portal and HIV Organizations Network.